Sunday, 3 February 2013

Clip In Hair Extensions VS 3/4 Wig


Like many of you , Im always in search for longer,thicker,fuller hair which seems to never be my own! 
this has always led me to fake hair & wigs. 
Im comparing for you two of my favourate ' fake it to make it ' hair additions :) 
This Is My Natural Length :) 

Above are the two I am Comparing!

This is my advice and opinion only so dont take it literally as its whatever works for you, although I have done this review as extensions/wigs are very costly and Im hoping this will give you some guidance! 

Human Hair Extensions

Now ive always had a love/hate relationship with hair extensions so this review will be a bit varied ! 
Since the age of 15 I have always veered to hair extensions , they were very popular at the time and almost every girl wore them . My hair was very thin due to damage ( I liked to dye my hair alot ! ) and the extensions gave it the life and length that it needed. 
as my hair got healthier and thicker , the extensions started to look like rat tails in my hair , thus not looking natural at all! Also every now again I would get someone telling me they could see the clips , not really a self confidence booster ! 
- You can baisically get any colour of these including funky colours for adding highlights
-adds instant and often natural looking length 
-heat resistant
-available in different lengths

- In most places , hair extensions are ridiculously over priced , often going £80+ 
-they wear out in a few months 
- can take forever to put in 
- taking extra time to hide the clips 
-they shed like crazy 
-if you have thick hair like me , even a full head of hair extensions can end up looking like rat tails

Heres a few pictures of my 18 inch jet black extensions from Ebay :

3/4 Wig 

So next is the relativley new trend of the 3/4 wig, celebs like cheryl cole and Charlotte lettia from Geordie shore are fans of this super easy hair accessory!

I purchased this at clothes show live and I have to say , im in love! 
I got colour matched at the stand and it matched almost perfectly! unfortunatley I recently dyed my hair jet black so the colour doesnt match anymore :( 

what this baisically is a wig , with the grip sliders securing tightly in place at the front and back of your head. 
the wig comes up to just behind the ears so you still have the hair around your face to syle freely. 
The rest of your hair you can either tuck into the hairpiece or leave it hanging out (I personally think it looks more natural this way) 
The brand is Wonder Weave and it cost £34.99

the hair is synthetic meaning you cant apply heat to it. I thought this may pose a problem but it was actually a bonus. as I wear my hair curly/wavy all the time and the wig was a natural wave so it literally took 2 mins on a morning for my to do my hair , just clip it on and off i go! 

-super quick 
-super easy
-relativley cheap
-perfect colour match
-natural wave 
-perfect volume and length

- synthetic hair 

Heres a few pictures of me wearing it & the box it came in :) 


Overall , for price , simplicity and the look , ive definatley been converted to the 3/4 wig !

I hope this had helped you deciding what to splurge on for the dream of long hair :)

love Mel


  1. They look lovely in you, the colour matches perfectly xx

  2. Hi, Smelissadakota, I have gone through your blog and found your suggestions about hair extensions. Now a days Clip in Hair Extensions is going to be very popular. Though it's costly but it looks very natural. So I prefer rather than wigs.


    Anna Marie Price

    Cadiff, United Kingdom

  3. I've been debating 3/4 wigs! Think I might just have to give one a go now!! Cool post babe :) x