Monday, 4 February 2013

Simple Cheap Ways To Decorate Your Room !

Hey Peoples! 

so as its a new month and we are approaching spring I decided to give my room a little va va voom!

redecorating can be costly , but the fact of the matter is you CAN do it on a budget. 
little changes go a long way! 

so first of all is sprucing up your windowsill , mine used to have family photos and things on but I decided it made my room look cluttered and not very stylish. 

I bought this beautiful bird cage from next home for only £15! 

It instantly adds a touch of class and it does look very pretty also :)

Another way is candles and candle holders!

I am a self confessed candleholic and love them to death , literally to death , I recon I will one day be involved in a candle related incident ! 

I bought these 2 cute love heart cut out tealight holders from tesco of all places 
they were only £1 each! what a bargin

Heres a picture of my windowsill at night time , sorry for the bad quality but my camera wouldnt pick it up properly! 

Or you could go for a more colourful option like these mini lanterns from Asda living , just £3 each ! 

Lighting is another way to make your room all homely and pretty!
Ive had fairy lights in my room for years and these ones from argos have lasted me 4 years ! 
I cant remember the actual price but you can buy fairy lights from almost any where and they are very inexpensive!

I have wrapped mine around my curtain rail but you can put them anywhere! around your head board on your bed , storage units , anything! 

Another way to spice up your room is some simple wall decorations! 

 this pretty pink dream catcher was £2.50 from my local market and this cute little love heart velvet display board was £7 from home bargins! 

if you have something on your wall youd like to cover up , say a mark or a dent , you dont have to spend lots of dosh to fix it ! I made an old tv wall mount look pretty by adding this little heart from hobby craft , it was only £2 !

Pillows and canvas's instantly add style to your room , these spotty pillows were £5 and the canvas was £10 all from asda living! 

SO, there is just a few simple cheap ways to add a bit of je ne se qouis to your room! 

hope this helped,

love mel

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