Sunday, 9 December 2012

Clothes Show Live 2012 Review


so on saturday the 8th I took a trip down to brummy! ( Birmingham )to have a day out at ...

yes I visited clothes show live ! 
baisically its a mahoosive room filled with stalls and demonstration areas all to do with beauty & fashion .
so I paid £27.50 for a ticket which is pretty pricey just to be able to enter a room with shops ! along with entry to the halls you get an alloted time to go and watch a fashion show which is pretty cool I think. 

There was also little stages and catwalks dotted around the halls , one being a Britain and Irelands next top model catwalk which featured all the finalists from this years show , heres a pic if you forgot -
so after watching them on TV it was pretty cool to see them IN THE FLESH :) 
I also saw Gemma Collins , Lauren Goodger & Amy childs from TOWIE aswell as having a cheeky convo with Maria Fowler from TOWIE aswell!! 
The gorgeous Jamie Laing from Made in Chelsea was also there on his Candy Kittens stall. 

Aside from the little catwalks and interview areas , the stalls were a dissapointment , 3/4 of the clothes I could of found in the market in my city , cheap quality , poor designs at overpriced prices . all the beauty brands apart from Rimmel and Barry M ive never heard of and just looked cheap poop & all the hair stalls were just extensions which you can buy anywhere. 

another thing which ticked me off is the amount of rude people who were there , obviously i expected it to be busy as it was the saturday that I went on but I did not expect to be hit with bags and run over by suitcases and pushed around by hormonal angry women ! 

the highlight of the whole day was the fashion show- it was fantabulous ! 
hosted by the delightful henry holland the show was funny , stylish and amazing! packed full of dancers and music , I would of paid the ticket price just for the show ! 

I doubt I will be going next year but overall it was a good day ! :) 

hope this little review helped anyone who wants to go to clothes show ! 
love mel 

Friday, 7 December 2012

A day at a wedding !

Hello lovelys! 

so back in september 2011 , my mum got married for the 2nd time to my now stepdad. 
the wedding was small and quaint as money was short but it was still cute and classy :) 

on the day i was designated hair stylist , makeup artist and photographer! what a job! 

firstly her hair ...
 my mums hair is just below shoulder length and quite a frizz ball at times and also with her not wanting extensions I wanted to stray away from having her hair down as it couldve turned ugly! 
I put the hair in a simple high pony and then backcombed the hair and pinned around the bobble in a circle shape , FYI I didnt use a doughnut. I then let a few piece of hair fall down her face which I curled with straighteners , my mum also has a full fringe which really tied everything in! 

onto make up ...

My mum doesnt wear much make-up anyway so we kept it very very natural, shes wearing a medium coverage ivory toned foundation with a light dusting of powder and blush . for her eyes , I used a pale yellow shade eyeshadow as a base colour to counteract some of the purple tones in her eyelids, then i put a browny orangey colour in the crease blended alot to keep it minimal. I also filled in her brows with a light brown eyeshadow.  with a smudging of brown eyeliner and a light coat of brown mascara thats the makeup done! 

the dress...

with it being my mums second wedding , she wanted to go non traditional . The dress , which isnt actually a dress , is a corset top and skirt which came to just above the ankles. it was customised to my mums taste by the lovely people at CoCo in manchester (  I think the olive green and the ivory sachet really suit her down to the ground ! 

My Outfit ...

The ones shouldered dress is from mango with a primark belt , florals , in summer , at a wedding , very cliche but i loved it :) 

if youd like anymore info on products used or a step by step post on the hair style , let me know! 
love mel 
Hello web surfers!

Decided to conquer my fear and start a blog!!
my blogging activity as such will probabaly consist of alot of fashion and beauty posts aswell as some random shannanigans here and there ! 
clothes show live is on the agenda so my next post will be about that !

hope i can put a smile on some peoples faces with my blogs ,