Friday, 7 December 2012

A day at a wedding !

Hello lovelys! 

so back in september 2011 , my mum got married for the 2nd time to my now stepdad. 
the wedding was small and quaint as money was short but it was still cute and classy :) 

on the day i was designated hair stylist , makeup artist and photographer! what a job! 

firstly her hair ...
 my mums hair is just below shoulder length and quite a frizz ball at times and also with her not wanting extensions I wanted to stray away from having her hair down as it couldve turned ugly! 
I put the hair in a simple high pony and then backcombed the hair and pinned around the bobble in a circle shape , FYI I didnt use a doughnut. I then let a few piece of hair fall down her face which I curled with straighteners , my mum also has a full fringe which really tied everything in! 

onto make up ...

My mum doesnt wear much make-up anyway so we kept it very very natural, shes wearing a medium coverage ivory toned foundation with a light dusting of powder and blush . for her eyes , I used a pale yellow shade eyeshadow as a base colour to counteract some of the purple tones in her eyelids, then i put a browny orangey colour in the crease blended alot to keep it minimal. I also filled in her brows with a light brown eyeshadow.  with a smudging of brown eyeliner and a light coat of brown mascara thats the makeup done! 

the dress...

with it being my mums second wedding , she wanted to go non traditional . The dress , which isnt actually a dress , is a corset top and skirt which came to just above the ankles. it was customised to my mums taste by the lovely people at CoCo in manchester (  I think the olive green and the ivory sachet really suit her down to the ground ! 

My Outfit ...

The ones shouldered dress is from mango with a primark belt , florals , in summer , at a wedding , very cliche but i loved it :) 

if youd like anymore info on products used or a step by step post on the hair style , let me know! 
love mel 

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